• Start your NLP training at Mind Academy in Holland
  • Learn how to apply NLP practically in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Make a bigger step in your personal development
  • Unforgettable experiences at 3 atmospheric locations
  • All-in: All trainings include manual, lunch and certification

Applications of NLP

Anyone can follow NLP whether it’s for business or private use.

Personal development

You cannot be in your own communications solely because your are always there. For this reason Personal development is interwoven in the NLP trainings. In NLP, this means for you an increase in confidence and therefore calm and confident in communication. Finally you become better in achieving what you want. This effects both professional and personal development.

NLP and Coaching

As a coach you are working daily with communication. What is the effect and which interventions can you apply? NLP i.e. is a result of a study of effective therapies. Nowadays the use of NLP in coaching and therapy is also essential. NLP is extremely effectieve when combined with other therapeutic disciplines. Read more..

NLP and Education

As teacher, student counselor or remedial teacher you of course have a lot to do with communication. Where teaching/lecturing was formerly the most important aspect this has now shifted towards coaching and competence based learning. At this point you should also have competencies to provide adequate education. Read more..

NLP and Relationships

Applying NLP in your precious relationships (and actually this also applies to all your relationships). Ensure understanding and respect for the unique personality of the other person rather than trying to change him/her. Read more...

NLP and Sport

Whether you are an actve sportperson, a coach or sport manager, you will discover that NLP has an extensive tool box to promote performance. Read more...

NLP and Parenting

As a parent, carer or if working with children, the impact of communication is of some importance. What message are you sending out and how can you achieve your goal? Read more...

NLP for Companies

Whether you have a company, or are an entrepreneur, working in a commercial organisation or in a non-profit sector, the NLP Practitioner training NLP Practioner training is one of the most followed trainings in the business world. Read more...

NLP and Management

NLP is almost an indispensable tool – make use and adapt yourself for the changes and challenges you are experiencing in managing groups of people.

NLP and your Career

Make the best of your career through communication skills, personal leadership and the influence you have to develop to the maximum. Read more..

NLP and Sales

Applying NLP in sales is endless. It brings together the question and needs of your customers efficiently and gives you the ability to connect in a seemingly manner.


Human Resource Management. Dealing with the human capital in your company. NLP is just the tool for HRM managers. Read more...

NLP Training

  • 15 day NLP-training
  • Internat. Certificate
  • Extensive Manual
  • Varied lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Intervision group
  • Facebook Alumni
  • Fiscal arrangements
  • And a lot more ...