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NLP and relationships

Good relationships are the essential ingredients of a happy life. If we feel bonded with the people around us, and they with us, then it makes life more pleasant.

A relationship that is flowing

Start a relationship, “ work on your relationship” , straighten a lopsided relationship. Everyone at some time in their life has stood-up against a challenge.
If all the important ingredients are present in a relationship such as love, warmth and respect, then it’s a pity if communication problems are ruining your future. Knowledge of NLP can help you and your partner when your relationship is not flowing.

With NLP...

  • You discover how the world model of the other works and you gain more understanding
  • You learn how you can communicate effectively and get deeper contact
  • You get to know your unconscious desires and wishes in your relationship, and how you can express this
  • You learn how to discover your partners desires
  • You discover why certain people may irritate you and the cause of that irritation, and you discover why you feel attracted/drawn to certain people
  • You discover if there are problems or accusations that have to do with the past and how you can change this impact in your relationships
  • You can ensure that you and your partner understand each other
  • You learn in a natural way how to feel the “click” when in contact with others
  • You discover why you are always experiencing the same patters in your relationships
  • You discover how to get a real, deeper connection with the other

And …. This does not mean that your partner will immediately meet all your wishes and desires. NLP ensures more insight and understanding for each other and the relationship to each other.

Can you following a training together?

The question if we advise partners to participate together in a training depends on the situation.
When you feel free to bring out your inner world in the presence of your partner then we definitely recommend you to experience this together.

NLP Training

  • 15 day NLP-training
  • Internat. Certificate
  • Extensive Manual
  • Varied lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Intervision group
  • Facebook Alumni
  • Fiscal arrangements
  • And a lot more ...