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Beliefs are generalizations and conclusions based on earlier experiences. We believe that our beliefs are true. Most values tend to be unconscious, beliefs are conscious. Beliefs are clustered around values​​. They are usually expressed by a sentence (several words). Beliefs occur at any logical level.
Examples of beliefs: mountains are beautiful, drinking milk is healthy, I am not well organized, I am addicted to sport.. etc


Values are those things in our lives that are important to us. Values ​​guide our behaviour and are expressed in a nominalization.
Examples of values ​​are: reliability, health, love, respect


We are often unaware of our values ​​and beliefs. In the NLP Communication model "Values & Beliefs" are found in the unconscious filters. Multiple NLP techniques can help you become aware of your unconscious values ​​and beliefs.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

A belief works as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Limiting belief

For example. When you Belief you are not creative, and someone invites you to do a creative job, your belief has a negative influence on your Potential. You will not be strongly motivated to take Action. The Result will not be optimal.
You see, I'm not creative!

Changing beliefs

Empowering Belief

For example, you Belief that you are a sportsman, that beliefs directly effects your believe in your Potential. That Potential leads you to take the Actions which returns a Result, and that Result mostly reinforce your Belief.
You see, I'm sporty!

Using the NLP Changing beliefs technique, beliefs can be changed by using submodalities.

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