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Bert Hellinger

Bert Hellinger was born on December 16, 1925, in Heidelberg, Germany.

Bert Hellinger In his youth the faith of his family caused him not to believe in National Socialism. Bert was missing at the required meetings of the Hitler Youth and he took part in an illegal Catholic youth organization. As many then, only seventeen years old, he became a soldier and experienced battle, imprisonment, losses and life in a war camp of the Allies in Belgium.

Bert Hellinger was twenty years old when he became a practising Catholic because he wanted to become a priest. He worked for sixteen years in South Africa among the Zulus as a Catholic missionary. The Zulus impressed him by their deep sense of values, the natural authority of parents and the respect of children. He got to learn many therapeutic forms and became interested in group dynamics, the dialogue and individual human experience.

He left the religious order behind him after he had discovered that the priesthood was no longer adequate in his growth. In Vienna he studied psychoanalysis and he then went to the U.S.. He worked with Milton Erickson and others. Through combining knowledge of psychotherapy and other therapeutic forms a unique and fascinating solution approach emerged: the Family constellation.

Creating a family constellation is a form of psychotherapy from the Systemic work. Therapists or coaches who are trying to work systemically through the establishment of the origin of someone‘s system the non visible relationships between family members and to recognize eventual obstacles between them, acknowledge, and if possible eliminate.

A family constellation is a therapeutic session in which a participant contributes an issue and wants clarity. For the key players in that issue, often the persons relatives who cause the issue, other participants are selected as representatives. Participants are given by the requesting Participant a place in the room compared to the other participants, partly helped by the therapist.

It creates a tableau-vivant that shows the underlying aspects of the problem, by asking prepared questions to people about the situations, their feelings and attitudes towards each other. Entanglements (sometimes in earlier generations) that led to stagnation in the current life of the participant come to light. On the basis of instructions from the supervisor, the representatives bring movement in the stagnation.

The method is also applied in organizations, for example, to investigate why there is stagnation in the development of an organization or why certain conflicts always return.

Bert Hellinger has a practice in the South of Germany. He now focuses on psychosomatic and psychiatric diseases, and the effects of systemic entanglements on interpersonal and intercultural relations.

Check out his video or read more about him on his website


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