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To mark (gauge) is to determine a starting point. Calibration is to determine the difference with the starting point.

If you see a change on the outside, it means that there is a change on the inside. WHAT exactly changes we do not know ...

With calibration you can observe the behaviour of someone by means of sensory acuity and connect this observation to a specific internal state (mood / emotion) of that person. With calibrating we recognise when a person is in a certain or different mood.

This skill is not easy. The danger is that you will guess or fill in your own interpretations (mind reading). To be able to perceive you need to observe for a longer period of time. You must also pay attention to the emotions involved. When similar behaviour occurs more frequently in comparable situations, you might conclude that the person is obviously experiencing the same corresponding internal state.

Some people are already unconsciously skilled in the calibration of non-verbal changes. They perceive that people say 'yes' but think 'no'. Other people are (still) less skilled, they only see large changes in mood e.g. when people laugh or cry.

Body language and body movements usually give more accurate and reliable indications of what someone is actually thinking and what they mean, than the verbal expression.

With calibrating we learn to recognise the incongruence between verbal and non-verbal. We can also, when we recognise the minimal cues, give a meaning to the non-verbal changes. We then know what the minimum changes mean.

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