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Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence is an NLP technique whereby resources are anchored (conditioned) to an imaginary circle on the ground. The technique is very useful in situations where maximum choices are of importance.

The process

  1. Determine a number of positive moods (resources) that match the resource ancher.
  2. Anchor all moods in the circle on the ground as visualised by the the person. When the mood begins let the person take steps into the imaginary circle on the floor.
  3. When the mood has reached its peak let the person step out of the circle.
  4. Repeat this process for all resource moods.
  5. When the stacked resource anchor is created, let the person make up a positive word (or short phrase) that matches the resource anchor.
    Let the person step into the circle (the anchor is now fired) and say the word at the moment the mood reaches its peak. Then have the person steps out of the circle again.
  6. Allow the person to choose a positive attitude or movement to match the resource anchor. Let the person step into the circle and say the positive word (the anchor is fired) and at the moment the mood(s) reaches its peak the posture or movement. Then have the person steps out of the circle.
  7. Break State
  8. Test: let the person step into the imaginary circle, say the word, and let him (or her) make the choosen stance or movement. Make sure that he or she is fully associated.

NLP Training

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