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Collapse anchor

The process of collapse anchors consists of replacing a negative experience (feeling) in a positive feeling. This will neutralise the negative feelings and give the person more (neurological) possibilities to deal with the situation.

Het process

  1. Get in rapport.
  2. Set the framework.
    "I'm going to do a process with you called 'collapse anchor' (indicate how the process will go) and therefore it is necessary that I touch you. Is that okay?"
    Use trance.(Milton Language Patterns) .
  3. Identify the negative mood that you want to disappear.
  4. Identify which positive moods are required. "What do you need in that situation? And what else? "
  5. Anchor the positive moods stacked in the same place. Bring yourself in this positive mood and make sure the other person is in a complete, associated, intense and congruent mood.
  6. Test the positive anchor to make sure that it is significantly more intense than the negative mood that will be removed.
  7. Anchor the negative mood (only once!) in another place. "See what you saw, hear what you heard ..." etc.
  8. Fire now both anchors off until they reach their peak and the neurological integration is complete. Calibrate!
  9. Release the negative anchor.
  10. Retain the positive anchor for about 5 seconds and then release it.
  11. Test the integration by firing the old negative anchor off.
  12. Test: "Can you recall a past event, an event that if you in the past thought about it, it would bring up the old mood... Notice how it is different now."
  13. Future pace: "Can you think of an event in the future (an event that if it happened in the past, it would give you that negative mood) and notice how different it is now?

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