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Content (meaning) reframing

Content (or Meaning) Reframing is a form of reframing. Content reframing is giving another meaning to a statement by recovering more content (in the same context), which changes the focus.

The process

Ask yourself the question:

  • “What more can this behaviour mean?”
  • "What has this person not observed (in this context) whereby a different meaning is created and his response will be different?"
  • "What positive intention could be behind this behaviour?"


To be used when a problem is presented as a Complex Equivalence or Cause-Effect statement (see Metamodel), e.g. words as therefore, and, because, that means, etc.

  • “Because X happens, I react Y"
  • “X is Y."


A student says: "I failed, so I'm not good enough."
Reframing: Teacher says: "For me, it means you have not quite mastered this and the next time you will show me you can."

Someone says: "That woman is constantly worried about her baby."
Reframing: "Could you imagine that she does this out of love for her child?"

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