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Context reframing

Context reframing is a form of reframing. In context reframing the context is changed. Context changes may include changing e.g. time (past or future) or place (location).

The process

Consider another context in which the person involved will react differently to the same behaviour. Ask yourself the question: "In which context (situation), would this this behaviour be appropriate, well suitable or get a positive meaning?"


When the word too is mentioned, like too much and too little, then a context reframing applies. Such a statement from people is in fact a half equation ("I'm too cautious"). As an answer you are looking for a context where cautious is positive. Similar words like too are: bad, much, often, huge (they are indications of quantity).

Examples (enlarged)

Statement: "I'm too sloppy with appointments, I often come too late"

Reframing of time: "The Indians used to agree to meet down under the big oak tree when it was full moon. Sometimes this would not happen"
Reframing of place: "Surgeons in the hospital are often too late, they do a lot of important work and work slowly and meticulously."

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