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Contrastive analysis and mapping across

Contrastive analysis

Contrastive analysis is the study which investigates the differences in language. In NLP we use contrastive analysis to find the possible drivers(*) of an internal representation. This process enables you to distinguish the different ways people codes their thinking.

(*)Drivers are submodalities that, when changed, also change other submodalities.

With contrastive analysis you can analyse the submodalities of two different internal representations (eg, a negative and a positive experience) and determines the differences. (contrast).

Exercise contrastive analysis

  1. Retrieve a nice memory or experience (with a high impact).
  2. Determine the submodalities of this experience. Use the checklist submodalities (column 1).
  3. Retrieve an unpleasant memory or experience from wich you want to change the meaning (the experience) . (Note: not a big impact).
  4. Determine the submodalities of this experience, use the checklist submodalities (column 2)
  5. Determine the different submodalities (these are the possible drivers).
  6. Retrieve the nice memory again. (So you can and the exercise with a K+ mood.

Mapping across

Mapping across is the technique where we actually determine the driver(s) and then change the submodalities of an internal representation to change the meaning of this internal representation. We do this by transferring the submodalities from one to another internal representation.

Excercise Mapping across

  1. Change the submodalities of the unpleasant experience by transferring the different submodalities from the nice experience to the unpleasant experience.
  2. Determine the driver.
  3. Test. Think about the unpleasant memory again and notice your internal state.

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