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Eye Patterns

Richard Bandler and John Grinder discovered that the connection to our eye movement patterns and our representational systems . You can see by the movement of one's eyes if this person’s internal representation (e.g. memory) is a visual, auditory or kinesthetic experience.

When someone recalls or creates (constructs) an mage in their mind their eyes move upwards to visualize this area. When remembering or creating a sound, the eyes move horizontally to the left or right within the auditory area. For remembering and experiencing feelings and in the conduct of an internal dialogue, their eyes move down.

In addition to these vertical eye movements Bandler and Grinder also discovered horizontal eye movements. If a person remembers images, sounds or feelings, the eyes are moving to the right (when you look at the person).

For ideas and fantasies (constructions) the eyes move to the left (when you look at the person). This horizontal eye movements applies to approximately 80% of the people and we call this "normally organised". In about 20% of the people this horizontal format is mirrored, we call this "reversed organised. The latter is often the case for left-handed people. The vertical eye movements (V, A, Ad and K) are the same for everyone.

The eye patterns as you look at a person

Eye patterns

Eye movements of a "normally organized" person

Vc = Visual constructed Vr = Visual remembered
Ac = Auditory constructed Ar = Auditory remembered
K   = Kinesthetic (feelings) AD = Auditory digital (self-talk)

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