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Fast phobia model

This model (also called the Fast Phobia Cure) is discovered by Bandler in the early days of NLP. He modeled a group of people who where cured from their fobia without following therapy. He discovered the strategy that these people unconsciously used. These days this technique is used to help people quickly overcome their phobia or fear.

The script

  1. Place a strong resource anchor (optional)
  2. Confirm a “single learning” and the ability of the client to quickly learn and remember.
  3. Have the client imagine sitting in a movie theater looking at a blank cinema screen. Let the client now imagine he is floating outside his body in the projection room so he can see himself sitting in the cinema as he looks at the empty cinema screen.
  4. From the projection room let the person look at himself in the cinema, while in the cinema he watches himself on the cinema screen while he is experiencing his phobia as a film on the cinema screen (forward) playing in black and white.
  5. When the film has ended, let him make the screen completely black or white.
  6. Let the person associate in the film on the cinema screen and play the movie backwards at high speed in color.
  7. At the beginning of the film make the screen completely white or black.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 until the Kiis completely gone.
  9. Test and future pace.

Veranderen overtuigingen

Note - Check the ecology. If necessary use a Swish-pattern to fit a new behaviour to install.

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