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Keys to an achievable outcome

This technique can be used to get clarity on your goals (plans).

The script

Remember your goal and take the following questions into consideration.

  1. Positive terms
    • "What exactly do you want to achieve?"
  2. Specify the current situation
    • "Where are you now compared to your goal (associated)?"
  3. Specify the result.
    • "What will you see, hear and feel when you have achieved your goal?"
    • "How would it be if you had it now (pretend you have it now)?"
    • "Place it in the future (dissociated)."
  4. Specify the proof of procedure.
    • "How do you know you have achieved your goal?"
  5. Is this really what you want?
    • "What is in it for you? And what will be possible if you achieve your goal?"
  6. Do you have it in your hands?
    • "Is your goal only dependent on you?"
  7. Is the context defined clearly enough?
    • "Where, when, how, and with whom do you want to achieve your goal?"
  8. What resources/tools do you need?
    • "What do you have now, and what do you need to achieve your goal?"
    • "Have you ever had or done this before?"
    • "Do you know anyone who has, who it is?"
    • "Can you pretend you have achieved this?"
  9. It is entirely justified (Ecology)?
    • "What greater purpose does it serve?"
    • "What do you win or loose if you achieve your goal?"
    • "What will happen when if you reach your goal?"
    • “"What will not happen if reach your goal?"
    • "What will happen if you do not reach your goal?"
    • "What will not happen if you do not reach your goal?"
  10. Test
    • Think about your goal again and notice what has changed."

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