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NLP workmodel

The NLP workmodel consists of four positions

  1. The desired situation. What do you want to achieve? What is the benefit for you?
  2. The current situation. Where are you now? Where do you stand?
  3. Obstacles. What is stopping you?
  4. Resources. What do you need?

With the NLP workmodel the road from the current situation (often the probleem) to the desired position (the result) is indicated. It gives insights in obstacles are obstructions that disrupt the road to the goal and in the resources available that strengthen the road to the goal and eliminate obstructions.

NLP workmodel

The technique

  1. In pairs or threes.
  2. Place the NLP workmodel-cards on the ground
  3. Choose partner A and B (C is the observer and takes note of the results).
  4. A steps into the desired situation and B asks A:
    • What exactly do you want to achieve?
    • What will you see and hear if you achieve this? …. And what else?
    • How does it feel if you achieve this?
    • Where, when, how and with whom do you want to achieve this?
    • What is the outcome for you or what is possible?
  5. A steps into the Current situation and B asks A:
    • Specify your current situation.
    • Where do you stand in relation to your goal?
  6. A steps into Obstacles and B asks A:
    • What is keeping you from achieving your goal? (or)
    • What has stopped you in the past from achieving your goal?
    • … And what else (keep on asking until recurrence occurs)?
  7. A steps into Resources and B asks A:
    • What do you need to achieve your goal?
    • Which resources/tools do you need?
    • At each resource:
      • Have you ever had of done this before?
      • No? Do you know someone who has, who it is?
  8. A steps back into the Desired situation and B asks A:
    • Describe again what you want to achieve?
    • What will you see, hear and feel when you have achieved this?
    • What is the outcome for you?
    • With your resources listed in your mind can you pretend you have achieved this? Like it has already happened…
  9. Round off the session of A.
  10. Write down the results
  11. Change role

NLP Training

  • 15 day NLP-training
  • Internat. Certificate
  • Extensive Manual
  • Varied lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Intervision group
  • Facebook Alumni
  • Fiscal arrangements
  • And a lot more ...