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Perceptual positions

With this NLP technique you mentally look at a situation from 3 of different perspectives.

This NLP technique will give you more information / understanding about a certain situation, like:
* The behaviour and influence of other people.
* Your own behaviour and influence.
* Considering issues with/without passion.
* You will become more flexible and creative in creating possibilities to improve a situation

First Perceptual position

This position is your natural perspective. You see the world through your own eyes, you hear sounds through your ears and you experience your own feelings. You are fully aware of your own perception.

Second Perceptual position

In this position you imagine what it is like to be another person, for example your partner. You see, hear and feel what the other’s perceives. You consider walking in the shoes of the other.

Third Perceptual position

In this independent position (interested - but not directly involved) you act as a detached observer noticing what’s happening in the relationship between two other people.
This position is also called 'meta-position'. From a distance you look at the total environment including yourself and the other(s).

Perceptual positions

In the 1st position you are fully associated (linked) with yourself.

In the 2nd position you dissociate yourself and associate in the other.

In the 3rd position you are totally dissociated from yourself and others.

NLP Training

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