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Peripheral vision and tunnel vision

Unconsciously we perceive more times more than what we consciously register. Consciously we can perceive about 7 units of information per second (between 5 and 9, see article George Miller) while millions of units of information are coming at us. It is not possible to simultaneously perceive all the information. So we filter information by deletion, distortion and generalision.

We perceive the things we focus our attention on. That immediately excludes information. When you focus your attention on a specific part of a persons body (e.g. the face) you then lose contact with the rest of his body. The consciousness only perceives the face of that person. We call this tunnel vision (in focus).
Another way of perceiving, is peripheral vision (out of focus). You direct your focus to a part while maintaining whole contact. For example: you focus on the face of a person but remain conscious of the rest of his body and the environment.

Tunnel vision

The conscious perception of an object (part) in which contact with the environment disappears. Compare this with a telephoto lens in which you zoom in on an object out of the area.

Peripheral vision

Peripheral vision is also called multiple observation. The conscious perception of an object (part) while retaining contact with the environment. Compare this with the wide angle (zoom out) with a focus whereupon you keep the focus sharp (conscious of the entire field).

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