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The primary functions of the subconscious

Within the NLP methodology we assume that there are about 20 major functions of the subconscious. The operation of these functions are shown by the results of the NLP techniques used.

  1. Stores memories. Chronological and timeless
  2. Is the domain of emotions
  3. Arranges all the memories * On time (timeline) * On topic (gestalt)
  4. Suppresses memories with unresolved negative emotions
  5. Presents repressed memories for resolution * To rationalise and release emotions
  6. Can keep emotions suppressed in order to protect
  7. Controls the body. Has a blueprint of the body now and from the perfect health
  8. Maintains and protects the body
  9. Has high morals * The morality you were taught and have accepted
  10. Works as a servant and follows the instructions of consciousness
  11. Receives information from the senses, filters it and transfers these observations to the consciousness
  12. Collects, stores, distributes and transfers energy
  13. React from instinct / intuition and generates habits
  14. Needs repetition to install a new habit
  15. Is programmed to continuously look for more and more
  16. Works best as a whole * no parts needed to function
  17. Is symbolic * Uses (and responds) to symbols
  18. Takes everything personally * The base of Perception is Projection
  19. Works on the principle of least resistance
  20. Processes no denials

NLP Training

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