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Sandwich feedback model

Negative feedback (only mention what is not good) is usually not acceptable for our subconscious. Improvements such as fillings in a sandwich, are placed between two positive statements, and are acceptable for our subconscious and can be subsequently converted into (new) behaviour.

Sandwich feedback model

Giving feedback is most effective if given within 5 minutes. Within 5 minutes, our subconscious can take in feedback and process immediately.

Sandwich feedback rules

  1. Provide feedback to let the other grow (intention).
  2. Feedback does not condemn but is an addition in the direction of improvement.
  3. Short, specific feedback is much more effective and powerful than long general feedback.
  4. Feedback should be given in the direction of behaviour so that the recipient can use it concretely.
  5. Feedback is only useful when the receiver will/can receive feedback.
  6. Use the feedback sandwich model.
  7. Start by naming what went well.
    • "What you did very well, is ...."
  8. Identify what improvements can (should) be.
    • “What better is ...”
  9. Finally your general positive summary.
    • "In general I found it a good ..."
    • "If you integrate this feedback then ..."
  10. The receiver listens and takes the feedback to themselves and ends with “Thank you”.

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