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Swish pattern technique

The script

  1. Create rapport and set the context (explain what you are going to do).
  2. Determine the unwanted behaviour.
    • What habit or what behaviour do you want to change?
    • Are you 100% congruent to change this behaviour?
  3. Find the trigger that causes the unwanted behaviour. It is very important to determine the exact trigger.
    • What happens so that you do the unwanted behaviour?
    • How does your subconscious know that it is time to do this undesirable behaviour?
    • What is the exact trigger that leads to the undesirable behaviour?
  4. Script: Do you have an image of the moment just before you do the unwanted behaviour (the image of the trigger). If so? Ensure that it is an associated image, you look through your own eyes. Put this image now in front of you, the image is as big as a TV screen. We call this image the unwanted behaviour.
  5. Break State (clean screen).
  6. Determine the desired behaviour.
    • What behaviour would you like to replace this with?
    • Create an image of the desired behaviour.
    • Make sure the image is dissociated (you see yourself doing the desired behaviour).
    • We now call this the image of the desired behaviour.
  7. Make the feeling of the image of the desired behaviour more intense by clarifying and changing the visual submodalities. Use the submodalities checklist as a guide.
  8. Break State (clear screen).
  9. Script:
    • Take the image of the unwanted behaviour in front of you.
    • Put the picture of the desired behaviour in the lower left corner of the image and make it small and dull.
    • You draw as in a motion picture of the desired behaviour all over the image of the unwanted behaviour around. Okay?
    • One, two, three ... Swissssssssshhhhh.
    • Breakstate (clean screen).
    • Note: Repeat step 9 until the image of the unwanted behaviour cannot be called upon. Do it faster and faster.
  10. Test
    • When you know think of the unwanted behaviour what you used to do, what do you think now? What image comes into your head?

NLP Training

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