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Tad James

Tad James is hypnotherapist, author of Time Line Therapy® and the founder of the American Institute of NLP coaching.

Tad James Tad James was born in Washington, DC. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Mass Communication. He started his own radio station and was a business consultant. While he was doing his work he realized that he could not help everyone. He noticed that something was missing in the art of communication between people and developed Time Line Therapy®.

Together with Wyatt Woodsmall of the International NLP Trainers Association INLPTA, he is the co-author of the book Time Line Therapy® and also wrote the bestseller "The Secret of Creating Your Future".

Time Line Therapy® focuses on the question of how a person saves experiences in his unconsciousness (on the timeline) and how these experiences have an impact on the current behaviour and emotional wellbeing. Negative events from the past are coded internally and in such a way that even today they can still be bothered about a person.

Time Line Therapy® offers the possibility to disconnect negative emotions from the stored memory, so the memory is neutral. The history of the person is not changed, but the idea, or the interpretation someone has. This change will also have behavioural consequences, because the person will no longer need to act from out the environment of decisions, beliefs, conclusions or fears from the past .

Richard Bandler made him the second master trainer and so he became a leader in the field of NLP. In 2001 he and his wife Adriana (born in Romania) founded the Tad James Co. Matt James of the AIP' is Tad’s son. They worked together and since 2006 each went their own way.

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