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The History: Events and years

1972 - Santa Cruz, California (VS)

John Grinder, Professor of Linguistics and Richard Bandler, Gestalt therapist studying the patterns of three very successful psychotherapists:

The first books about language patterns are published including "The Structure of Magic" (Meta Model)

1975 - Gregory Bateson, British anthropologist (cybernetics)

Bandler en Grinder came into contact with Bateson and his development of communication and systems theory in which he draws a comparison between the evolution of nature and man.

1976  - Creation of NLP

Bandler and Grinder put the discoveries they had done under a model, and gave it the name "Neuro Linguistic Programming". Besides the mentioned language patterns, sensory perception formed the base of NLP.

1979  - 'Frogs into Princes'

In this book, a report from a seminar, Bandler and Grinder give an explanation of the basic NLP techniques including anchoring, reframing, representational systems, eye movements and report.

1982 - Meta Programs

Richard Bandler and Leslie Cameron Bandler, developed the metaprograms that can chart the thinking process of people the in a fast and simple way.

1985  - 'Use your brain for a change'

After Bandler and Grinder ended their partnership, Richard Bandler came with sub modalities, elaborated in the above mentioned book.

1987  - Timeline Therapy

Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall introduced time lines within the NLP framework in which beliefs and emotions from the past could be changed.

1990  - Robert Dilts

Robert Dilts wrote in 1990 two important NLP books, namely 'Changing Belief Systems with NLP "and" Beliefs; pathways to health and wellbeing'. Books about working with beliefs and its relationship to health.

1989 – 1994 - Connirae en Steve Andreas

The couple Andreas publishes NLP books in which they applied NLP matters to specific topics. The last book 'Core transformations' brings a new dimension in NLP, namely spirituality.

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