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Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy® is developed by Tad James by doing research into the effects of the differences in how we experience time. Our subconsciousness ranks all our memories on a timeline.

Time Line Therapy® is a series of techniques that allows a quick change to take place that is effective and long lasting. These techniques are often used in therapy for rapid progress in the field of behavioral change.

Everyone "has" a timeline, this is an imaginary line where our memories are stored, from our first to our last, and also the images of the future. We can experience this in-time or through time.

All sorts of emotions can be linked to these memories. If these memories are important to you, we call them significant emotional events (SEE). Both positive (love, power, joy) or negative emotions (anger, fear, sadness or guilt). If you respond overly emotional to situations, it may be that this refers to earlier memories with the same emotion. Through Time Line Therapy® you can release the emotions of those memories and your is "cleaned". The memories remain, but the emotions are gone enabling you to react freely and making your life easier.

The other great strength of Time Line Therapy® is changing limiting beliefs. These are truths that you decided where applicable and not empowering.

Examples of such limiting beliefs may be, "I don’t deserve a good marriage ", "I'm not good enough".

NLP Training

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