• The training is provided by 2 experienced trainers
  • Learn how to apply NLP practically in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Discover the power of effective NLP and coach techniques
  • Experience the depth of NLP
  • There is a lot of personal attention during the training
  • The training is concluded with a recognized NLP certificate

Program NLP Practitioner training

Below are the NLP subjects and themes used during the NLP Practitioner training.

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Basics of NLP

  • What is NLP?
  • History of NLP
  • NLP communication model
  • How our unconscious filters work
  • The power of beliefs
  • 4-step learning process
  • Logical levels
  • NLP basic frames
  • NLP presuppositions
  • Primairy functions of the unconsciousness

Setting goals

  • The keys to success
  • SMART goals
  • Keys to an achievable outcome
  • NLP Work model

The keys to successful communication

  • The impact of our communication
  • Sensory acuity (enhanced perception)
  • Rapport
  • Follow and lead in communication
  • Representative system
  • Predicates words
  • Eye patterns
  • Sandwich feedback model
  • Setting boundaries
  • Responsible positions

Our Thoughts: Modalities and submodalities

  • Association and disassociation
  • Contrast analysis and mapping across
  • Swishpatterns (changing habits)
  • Changing of beliefs

The power of language (language and interview skills)

  • Presupposition of language
  • Intonation patterns
  • Hierarchy of idea’s (upchunks and downchunks)
  • Meta Model (from the surface to the deepest structure in the language)
  • Language patterns (distortions, generalizations and omissions)
  • Milton Model/Metaphors
  • Negotiate

Anchor (create positive moods and break patterns)

  • Resource anchor
  • Stacked anchor
  • Collapsed anchor
  • Chaining anchor
  • Circle of excellence

Reframing (the structure of empowered thinking)

  • Reframing context
  • Reframing meaning
  • Working in parts
  • Visual squash (integration parts)

Discovering your unconscious strategies and patterns

  • Decisions strategy
  • Motivations strategy

Special personal day of strength

  • What don’t I want anymore
  • What is stopping me from achieving my goal?
  • Where do I want to break through?
  • What do I really want?
  • What do I want to create or achieve?
  • Particular strength ritual

Working with the timeline and Time Line Therapy

  • The retrieval of the timeline
  • Letting go of negative emotions
  • Letting go of restrictive decisions

Family Constellations

  • One day on systemic thinking and family constellations

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NLP Education

  • 15 days NLP
  • Internat. Certificate
  • Extensive Manual
  • Varied lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Intervision group
  • Facebook Alumni
  • Fiscal arrangements
  • And a lot more ...

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