• Start your NLP training at Mind Academy in Holland
  • Learn how to apply NLP practically in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Make a bigger step in your personal development
  • Unforgettable experiences at 3 atmospheric locations
  • All-in: All trainings include manual, lunch and certification

Why learn NLP?

We live in a dynamic world full of possibilities, intimate relations, interesting jobs, wonderful travel. For most of us a good life and yet everyone knows that at some point in life we get the feeling that something is missing. You miss depth in your relationship(s) or developments and you don’t get to do what is important to you.

Time of reflection

It’s good to occasionally stand still in your life. We do many things unconsciously. Many things we think and do become a habbit. This is living on automatic pilot.
The manner in which we communicate with other people is i.e. determined by our beliefs, norms and values, cultural background etc. NLP models and techniques help us gain more insight into the way we do things. Insight in the unconscious patters is sufficient enough to trigger changes.

If your keep thinking what you thought, and keep doing what you did, you will then get what you got.

The NLP practitioner training is a perfect reflection time to explore what else you can, your needs, what is important to you and what is maybe holding you back. By knowing that, your focus changes and you gain more energy and rest to do things that give you satisfaction.

The NLP training will give you more insight and answers. You become conscious of your values and beliefs that steer your daily communication and behaviour. Moreover, NLP teaches you communication skills and techniques. Using these skills you are free to make choices allowing you to become more flexible and successful in dealing with all kinds of situations.

In short, with NLP …

  • you can solve conflicts faster
  • you do better interventions
  • you can communicate and work effectively together
  • you get better relationships and intenser contact
  • you can influence better and faster
  • you can adequately solve your mental obstacles
  • you can make successful changes
  • you can deal with your irritations/resistance
  • you understand the other better
  • you get more/better information out of a conversation
  • you are better in achieving your goals (sharp focus and better in prioritisation)
  • you can build on your strengths
  • you can get rid of past negative experiences
  • you can evoke your own positive mood
  • you can present yourself better
  • you have more energy to do the things you would like to do
  • and experience finally peace

NLP Training

  • 15 day NLP-training
  • Internat. Certificate
  • Extensive Manual
  • Varied lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Intervision group
  • Facebook Alumni
  • Fiscal arrangements
  • And a lot more ...